Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christmas is coming!

......or should I say cumming.
I'm making my list, checking it twice
Of course, I'd rather be naughty than nice.

I found this and she would make a grand addition to my collection:

Fatty Patty Inflatable Jumbo Love Doll  $19.99

Reg. Price $29.99Her blood type is Ragu, her belt size is the equator, and she has to iron her pants in the driveway every morning! She's Fatty Patty and she's livin' large and in charge!  With more rolls than a bakery and more chins than a Chinese phone book, she's so big she's got her own zip code! So take this jumbo babe home with you tonight (if you can carry her) Her 2 colossal love holes are begging for you to fill 'em up!  Air Pump not included

Now, in reality, she's not the lady in the photo on the box, and does she have 3 holes or just two.  Perhaps just 2 because the price has been reduced by 1/3.  If so, which holes?  That would make a difference, at least to me. I'll let the reader guess which hole I could live without!

I searched the web, and found a few images of the real Fatty Patty and she's EXCITING.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind a little FUDGE action!

She's fun when you are shopping:

She'll lay quietly by your side, waiting for you............

And even engage in a little lezzie action if you take her camping!!

And in the photo below, it appears she's a multi-cultural gal.  Watch out for that big sword.  Hopefully, it's not a deflating experience!!

If you're thinking of me and wondering what I'd like as a gift to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, this would have me LIVING LARGE, in more ways than one.

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