Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the beginning.....................!

While looking through some old photos I found a picture of me as a kid.
I started young!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't mention the war!

New Book Claims Hitler Gave Sex Dolls to Nazi Soldiers

I found this interesting article on line:  

"Hitler gave Himmler’s plan the all-clear, and designers set to work creating a smaller-than-life doll dubbed a “gynoid.” Designers approached Hungarian actress Kathe von Nagy and asked if they could model the silicone doll on her. She refused. That inspired them to leave the doll’s face blank: they reasoned that soldiers were more likely to use the “comforters” if they could impart their own fantasies on them. Just in case the men needed a bit of inspiration, the Nazis gave their creation blue eyes and blond hair.

After extensive testing Himmler ordered 50 dolls for his own troops. But by 1942 the party leadership had pulled the cord on the project. Embarrassed soldiers refused to carry the “comforters,” and officers worried that their men would be mocked if captured by the enemy.  American and British forces likely destroyed the gynoid factories  during their bomb raids of Dresden."
What I would give to have one of these blond hair, blue eyed babes for my harem.

I see no Humiliation

Mr. Ingrams (played by Charles McKeown) was a minor character in the episode The Kipper and the Corpse.
There is only a fleeting glance at this guest. Mr. Ingrams was checked in by Sybil half way through the Mr. Leeman fiasco. Originally we didn't even see him from the front, and his relevance was kept a tight mystery.
Later on, when Basil and Manuel are trying to hide Mr. Leeman's corpse, the two accidentally stumble into Mr. Ingram's room while he is blowing up an inflatable sex doll. Mr. Ingrams later appeared in the final scene where Basil promised that Sybil would give all the guests answers and explanations. Mr. Ingrams went to complain, probably due to the lack of privacy that he so obviously needed.

Mr. Ingrams existed as an in-joke: when the pilot episode A Touch of Class (the original name of Fawlty Towers) first aired it created many mixed reactions all around, some journalists believed it was a mediocre program, one of these being Richard Ingrams of the Private Eye, who slagged off the program with relish. After the show became a success, Cleese and Booth humiliated Ingrams, getting their revenge through this character.

Scene at 27:46